Sometimes you may come across Dell Printer Offline error which is so frustrating. This error when not fixed instantly can cause several issues. So, here are the simple steps that you can perform to get rid of this problem. But before moving on, have a look at the possible causes of this error. And in case, if you face any problem related to these steps, you can get in touch with experts by contacting Dell Support. Our highly qualified technicians will help you out in your problem and suggest you the best remedy to resolve your problem.

Beneficial ways to deal with Dell printer Offline error

Causes of Dell Printer Offline error

There are a lot of probable origins for your ‘Dell printer offline’ message. Some of them area connection problem between the hardware of the printer and your PC, the computer software is updated. Additionally, the printer may require firmware updates or the printer driver on your PC ask for an update.

Nevertheless, the most common cause for this issue is due to a miss communication between the PC, Wireless router and your printer through its WIFI connection. As it led the i.p address to change. This problem has 3 definite causes or a blend of all.

  • Your computer is switching off the wireless adapter to save the power.
  • The Firewall or antivirus software is instigating the communication error.
  • Network information is absent in the printer settings or incorrect i.p address.
How to deal with this error?

Perform the given steps if you wish to get rid of Dell printer Offline error instantly.

  • On your computer,search for the device manager settings in the control panel.
  • Go to the USB controller’s area and hit the plus symbol or arrow to get into the list.
  • On ‘USB Root Hub’ in turn, right click on your mouse and choose the option ‘Properties’ (Keep in mind to only do this in case of USB Root Hub).
  • Choose the ‘Power Management’ tab.
  • Tick the option ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.
  • Start your computer again.
  • At last,perform step 1 again, go to the option ‘Network adapters.’After that, right click the wireless adapter, go for the“properties” option and then, choose the option“power management”. After doing all this, untick the same option as step 5 above.

If the above steps are not helpful for you, other things you should try that include:

  1. Searching& installing an updated printer driver on the Dell support website.
  2. Upgrading your printer firmware.
  3. Examining the print list in the control panel and removing the full list.
  4. Test your firewall or antivirus settings to check if your printer functionality is being blocked.
Get 24*7 support by our experts

In case the problem is not solved, you can get in touch with Dell Printer Support and ask for help.Highly qualified experts will talk to you and ask for your problem. After which, they will suggest you the best solution.

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