We are all acquainted with the wireless (WiFi) technology. Every time when we have to connect to our devices to the internet or to the local network, we choose to connect our devices to the Wi-Fi primarily. Taking into consideration of this requirement, dell is providing wireless printers for their customers. So people can connect it to the WiFi and perform their job without the physical connectivity to the printer.

How to connect dell printer to a wireless network

So to connect your printer to the wireless network, you can perform the suggested steps. Go through these steps accordingly. If you are facing any doubt regarding the steps, you can contact Dell printer Support Number. Experts will get in touch with you and try to resolve your query as soon as possible.

The operative steps you need to take to connect to the wireless printer

To connect your Dell printer to a wireless network, perform the given steps.

1.Connect your Dell printer to the WiFi using printer panel

All the printer comes up with a printer panel, from where you can edit or configure your printer and network settings. Therefore, you can arrange your printer to the WiFi by using the Dell printer panel as well. To connect your Dell printer to the WiFi,you need to perform the below steps.

  • Switch on your Printer.
  • Hit System Button.
  • Tap on the“Admin”option.
  • Search the “Network” Option.
  • Next,you have to dab on the wireless setup preference.
  • There you will see the list of the wireless networks, from that list select your wireless network.
  • When you choose the wireless network, you will redirect to the password authentication window. In this window, you need to write the password for your wireless network and at last, hit ok.

Now, your Dell printer is connected to the wireless network. You can go forward and configure your Dell printer. After performing the set up task, you can now print anything.

2.Connect your Dell printer to the wireless network using WPS button

The best method to connect a printer to the wireless network is Wireless protected setup (WPS).  By the use of this method, you can easily connect your printer to the wireless network.The guileless step to do this is by hitting the WPS button on your router and your printer. But one drawback of this is that some wireless routers do not have wps features.

So before you try to connect your Dell printer to the wireless network using WPS, keep in mind to check your router and printer have WPS feature. Only if you have a wireless protected setup feature on both of your devices, then you can perform the instructions given below to easily connect both the devices.

  • Hit and hold the WPS key on your printer to the time when it starts showing a message like, “wps method is running” on your printer.
  • Now you have to dab and hold the WPS button on your router.
  • They will start synchronizing the connection when you hit the WPS button on both the devices.
  • This may take a while to connect with each other.
  • Lastly, your printer will be linked to the wireless network.

3.Fix your Dell printer to the wireless network using dell easy installer or wireless setup wizard

  • At recent, all the Dell printers are coming with an easy installer and compatible installation guide. Easy installer of Dell aids to install and connect your Dell printer automatic to your WiFi network.
  • This Dell software comes up with a CD along with the Dell printers. You have to attach your Dell printer to the computer or laptop with a cable wire and insert the CD. Go to the CD folder and execute the installer file name with ‘setup.exe’.
  • After executing the setup, a setup dialogue box will pop up. Perform the guidelines and fix your printer driver. At the time of installation, it will prompt your wireless network name and WiFi password at some place. Fill the desired information.
  • After the installation completion, detach your printer from the computer. By doing this, your printer will connect automatically to the wireless network and then you are all set to print over WiFi.
  • At times, it doesn’t connect to the wireless automatically, you have to connect it manually by the printer panel and settings.

So these are the simplest steps to connect your printer to the wireless network. In case you have any difficulty, then contact Dell printer Support. Experts will get in touch with you and resolve your issue in no time. They are available for you 24*7.

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