Every customer likes to engage with dell printer as it offers the same output whose commitment has been already done. In fact, dell printer offers the stunning printing in the exchange of online laid out data. While you are operating the dell printer, the concerned person sees the Dell Printer error code 077-900. The concern of this typical error has seen in real time there has some paper jam issue. There are a number of reasons which leave this error code. Most possible cause is that thick dust layer comes in its different part and movement of paper tray can’t happen.

 Dell Printer Errors Code-077-900

Paper piece caught in its tray:

The dell printer error code -077-900 comes across in your device innumerable paper stuck in tray and you do not get the real criterion to u-turn from failure. Therefore, it is nice to ask real guidance with experience Dell support team. They will guide you what to do or not. Since they do not have any ill will, they teach your incredible steps to get repel dell printer error code -077-900 as quick as possible. Hence, it is recommended that you would not get late and learn all sequential steps shortly.

 Steps to eliminate dell printer errors code -077-900 in laser version as well

  1. First of all, you must verify that print media is compatible with the specification of printer or not. It must work in such a way as specified in user’s guide.
  2. You must check the frequency of paper jam in printer. In addition to this, you must check out which paper accused of paper jam.
  3. Now, you would have to remove jam paper. Thereafter, you must open and close the front cover.
  4. Afterward, you must turn off printer and try to remove communication cable.
  5. Power on printer and try to recognize the system setting report.
  6. Press the menu button.
  7. In case report bound to print, you must reconnect the cable and try to take printout with windows test page.
  8. Use the windows test page with the consideration of different operating systems ranging from windows XP, Vista and windows 7.
  9. In case windows test page and reporting work perfectly, then problem can arrive as you are attempting to print another page.
  10. There is likely that report fails to print and paper jam problem takes place again. It would be better option that you would have to move on other troubleshooting option.

The above mentioned sequential steps are worthy to fight from dell printer error code 077-990. Due to careless nature of customer, you are bound to face same technical again and again.  Hence, it is good to connect our third party professional team as it offer the quality treatment over technical snags.  The technical association of our Dell Printer Support is available to you all time.  There is no need to think about time limit as your business work exists in hampering condition. Lastly, you can dial toll free number for soon assistance. Visit our website to get direct interaction of customers.

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