Dell laptops are one of the most developed and high performance laptops for performing complicated assignment tasks easily and rapidly. Dell has ample of models for you to opt as per your preferences. However, you may get yourself into some tricky situations whilst using Dell laptops. So, you may need taking the Dell Support in any such circumstances when you are not permitted to use your laptop with its full capability. Therefore, to ease the workflow of Dell Laptop Users, we are discussing about the error 2000-0146 with its proper reasons and solutions. You can get the simple steps to eliminate the error code from the below instructions.

How to eliminate error code 2000-0146 on dell laptop

What are the reasons behind the error 2000-0146?

  • While using your Dell Laptop, there can be such situations when you get that error. So, you need to know the reasons behind the occurrence of this error code in a route to fix this error.
  • When an abrupt shut down occur due to a power cut and not having UPS, or other power source. Then the devices have to stop their process all of a sudden and thus get the error.
  • At the time of overcharging your computer or laptop and not disconnecting it from the power supply even after a long time of charging, you may find yourself in the problematic situation.
  • Inaccurate Earthing might be one of the other reasons behind the issue.

Precautions that you need to take before applying the solutions:

  • Before applying the solutions and try to make changes, you should keep the backup of your HDD data as you may acquire some corruption in the files and some viruses as well.
  • You should go for safe mode at the time of trying to boot your laptop and then proceed with transferring the data. By pressing F8 Multiple times, you can turn to safe mode.
  • If you spin up and maintain the normal operations, then you can only proceed with the solution.
  • When the solutions steps don’t work for you then you should go for another HDD.

Learn to eliminate error 2000-0146 from your Dell laptop:

  • At this point of time, after reading above points, you have found out that this error is not more critical and happens due to some typical situations. Now, look at the effective steps to easily fix this error.
  • You should start with looking for a change in BIOS settings of your Dell Laptop
  • Go to the BIOS Settings and check HDD of your Laptop.
  • At the time of reviewing, if you found out that the HDD is altered to AHCI SATA, then you should attempt to change it to SATA drive.
  • After that, save the changes in settings whatever you done and restart your Laptop to resolve error 2000-0146.

After trying above solutions, if you are not getting the right direction to resolve this error, then you should dial Dell Support Number and take assistance from Dell experts. You will get appropriate guidance and all the error fixed easily.

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