Sometimes, you may come across Dell Error Code 123. This error code means at the time when your Dell laptop has three lights labels on the front panel “1”, “2” and “3”. After this error occurs, you won’t be able to boot your system. Additionally, you will not be able to get the BOIS due to which you will not get to the front panel. So, here are the possible fixes that you may give a try to overcome this issue. In case it won’t work for you, then dial the Dell Support Number to talk to our technicians. These technicians are experts who are well experienced and knowledgeable to sort out any problem.

Fix Dell error code 123

Reasons for Dell Error Code 123

Given below are the main reasons for this blunder.

  • Hard disk issue
  • Power supply issue of the power button
  • Battery issue
  • Mother board issue, etc.
Possible fixes to get rid of Dell Error Code 123

Perform these given steps to deal with this blunder.

  1. Power supply button issue
  • Examine if the power supply is giving the proper voltage or wattage cold. Replace the power supply and check if the issue persists.
  1. Start Dell diagnostics from the hard drive
  • Start your system and hit F12 key instantly when the Dell logo appears.
  • Wait for a while, till Microsoft Windows desktop is visible and then shut down your device.
  • When the boot device list is visible, highlight “Boot to Utility Partition”. After that, press “Enter”.
  • Choose the test that you wish to execute when you get the “Main menu”.
  1. Start the Dell diagnostics from the drivers and utility Disc
  • Firstly, insert the drivers and utility disc.
  • After that, shut down your device and restart it.
  • When the Dell logo is visible, press F12 instantly.
  • Wait for a while, till the Windows desktop is visible. If the error is still there, close your system and restart it again.
  • When you see the boot device list, highlight “On board or USB CD-ROM Drive”. After that, hit “Enter” on your keyboard.
  • From the menu that appears on the screen, choose “Boot from CD-ROM” option. After that, move further.
  • Choose “Run the 32 Bit Dell Diagnostic” that is there in the numbered list. If there are multiple versions listed. Analyze and choose the version that is precise for your computer.
  • Choose the test that you need to execute when the Dell Diagnostics main menu appears.
  1. Test the RAM configuration
  • When the RAM setup is not proper, you may come across this error code.
  • Test your RAM settings and ensure it is well matched with your device.
  • Restart your Dell laptop and proceed further with your work.

If you are facing any difficulty in the above steps, talk to our technicians by dialing Dell Support Number. They will give you the best advice to deal with your problem.



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