Trapped with an error code 016-302 in your Dell printer? This error is too technical to deal and obviously,you are not able to fix the error.Don’t worry as the technical issues are so common to befall in any technical device. There are several reasons for this error and the important thing is to deal and challenge the error code.This can only be possible only if you know the exact reason behind the technical issue. After knowing the reason, you need to fix it as soon as possible in order to avoid any further issue. So, to fix the Dell printer error code 016-302, perform the below mentioned steps. To talk to the Dell executive, contact Dell Support. Experts will resolve your issue in the best way possible.

Learn how to resolve Dell printer error code 016-302

Possible reasons for this error code

Have a look at the possible reasons for the error code 016-302 in Dell Printers.

Your device will completely block that result in the disturbance in your work. Due to the blocking of the device, it won’t take any command neither it will print any document. You won’t be able to operate your printer and it is offline. The main reason behind this error is that the firmware of the printer and the drivers are not updated. And due to this they are making a compatibility problem that in turn gives the error code.

Ways to solve Error code 016-302 in Dell printers

  1. At first, remove any print command from the queue and clear the path of the print in the queue and then try to print it again.
  2. If you have given multiple commands at the same time, then the print commands have been fixed in the queue and the device will not be able to print the document.So, first,remove the queue and then print the document again.
  3. If you change the IP address of your Dell device it will also help in fixing the issue.
  4. To do the changing, reset the network settings of the device and after that, add the printer again to the system or install it again.
  5. Next, move to the “printer settings” and there write the new IP address.
  6. Due to the over-heating, the print commands have trapped in the queue which results in the error. So,switch off the device and wait for it to cool down.If any paper is fixed in the printer,turn on the printer when it cools down and then takes it out.
  7. Another possible thing is that it is due to the outdated printer driver and firmware.So,ensure that you have the current firmware and drivers installed on your print device.

So, these are the easy yet effective steps to get rid of Dell printer error code 016-302. To talk to our Dell executive, contact Dell Printer Support. Experts will help you out in your problem and suggest you the best method to resolve it.



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