Taking a screenshot on the Dell laptop is not an easy thing. It becomes very easy and quick. We are highly recommended to apply easy instructions to take the screenshot on your Dell laptop. To sort out this issue, you can call online dell support team to get complete guidance for this technical process.

How to screenshot on dell Laptop?

Make proper use of Snagit to take a screenshot

For obtaining a full and proper screenshot on your Dell laptop, we strongly recommend Snagit-

Snagit is one of the most important screenshot applications that can be used with screen recording and image editing.  Users can take the right screenshot within a few seconds. As well, they can edit the screenshot easily with its fresh image editing tools. And you can hold videos.

Step1-You need to download and install Snagit

Step2– You need to run and sign in the program, and click on, “capture” option

Step3-Expel over windows or locations to auto-choose the location, click it to detain the location.

Step4- Users need to click on “camera” button displaying in the toolbar to save your screenshot as an “image”.

Step5-You need to edit your picture on the pop-up Snagit editor button. You can add text, effects or shapes, or make the correction to your image.

Step6- Lastly, you can save your image correctly. Or it is an important step for all users that they need to hit on share menu displaying in upper side corner to share it rightly.

Take a clear and full screenshot with the windows screenshot-

Almost all users need to choose this option if they want to take the right screenshot on their devices, and edit the image manually.

Take a screenshot of the whole screen-

Take a correct screenshot of the full screen of your dell laptop or desktop-

Step1-Click on “Print screen” button PrtScn key on your keyboard

Step2– Click on “start” option in the lower left the corner of your monitor and enter, “pain”. Users should open the important paint application displaying in the outcomes.

Step3- Users should not ignore to paste the screenshot to the program.

Step4- It is extremely important for all users that they need to click on “save” screenshot displaying as an image on your gadget.

Step5- Lastly, users have taken a clear and correct screenshot and saved in your gadget.

Thereby by following all the above steps, you can take a screenshot on dell laptop easily. Still, if you have any technical issue, you can call at Dell support phone number to get connected with technical support professionals.


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