Windows 10 is one of the operating system which work well on different screen touch devices. The touch screen is available on different size devices and brand name electronic accessories. The touch screen works well on dell laptop, tablet and 2 in one device. There is no specific work associated with touch as it is the alternative form of keyboard to do work on graphical user-based application smartly.  It is not imperative that you use this smart input option regularly. Many a times, you must know the skill how to turn off touch screen on dell windows 10.

Implement the step by step guidance to turn off dell windows 10 touch screen

The immense requirement of disabling the touch screen in windows 10 only when you have the requirement to use another device as input method. It is nice to lock the touch screen features through making some experiments in windows device manager.

Discussion why to turn off touch screen on dell windows 10

It is the genuine thing that touch screen is a stunning input variable on tablet and 2 and 1 device. The immense love for having the touch screen is that you can get the high accessibility of all navigation screen without the utilization of external mouse application. Some traditional applications show headache and that’s it become essential to change in it setting and disable it by any hook and crook. In case you do not want to engage in rough practice, then you must call to our expert through dialing Dell Support Number. The expert does not leave no stone unturned to offer the suitable quality result.

The second reason that children ought to disable screen so that they cannot make the unwanted access to other applications. On the controversial side, there might be some malfunction and one should have to use this application in such a way that you become the victim of unnecessary applications.

How to disable(turn off) touch screen in dell windows 10?

 Nothing criterion sounds to be imperative for disabling the windows 10 expect the wise utilization of the device manager. Make the direct accessibility to control panel and discover search box in your task bar.

The exact location of device manager on that place where you can get the track record of all devices and obtain the most suitable result.

Follow the below step for turning off touch screen in windows 10
  1. Click on the search box on windows 10 desktop.
  2. Now, it is your turn to text device manager in concerned input box.
  3. Click on device manager for retaining the same input flow as you ever expect.
  4. Henceforth, you must click on the next arrow with labelled button as Human interface devices.
  5. Now, you ought to choose HID enable touch screen,
  6. GO on the top part of window and select action event.
  7. Now, you would click on disable.
  8. By doing so, you go through the message referred as “Disabling device leads you on the pathway of stop functionality”. Does you interested to disable it. Now, you must click on yes.
  9. Verify the touch screen disable.
Last opinion with the reference to touch screen:

In case you are really feeling difficulty to sustain the most imperative result, then you must make the solid approach with Dell Support professional army. Our professional team does not take time for disabling failure. We have dive in this business in order to give the solution of all technical issues on time. In the emergency situation, you can consult our third party professional team to get the solution on time.  For getting the in-depth information, you can surf our web portal,


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